domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

Follow the footsteps and unlock the door

Follow the footsteps and unlock the door
The giant you face has awakened
Consumed 15 grams.
Began to watch Scarface in the outdoor building with Brady, Harrison, Steven, Devin, and Matt.
Hour passes, stomach cramps and nausea. Not unbearable, but the feeling of having to vomit exists for about an hour, hour and a half.
I look up what to expect from LSA trip on Erowid’s vault. Become horrified. Text becomes hard to read due to the colors of the font vibrating and shifting up and down.
Two hours into movie. Slight vibrations. I close my eyes, and rock my head back and fourth slowly. Feels like my head is slowly traveling through a type of vortex or tunnel. I place my finger on the rotating heater behind me, marveling at the sensation of its hot surface dragging back and fourth against my finger. I say “Why do you do that?” Brady looks at me with puzzled face.
Movie finishes. About 3 hours has passed since I ate the seeds. We walk inside. On the way to the door, the ground is sliding and rising up and down under my feet. I stumble at the door, and then walk inside.
Lay down on Brady’s floor. I’m distracted with talking to Harrison and listening to Brady’s drunken story about “The Dragon God and How the Awesome Dragon Guys Discovered the Four Corners of the Universe and the Mega Vagina Galaxy”. Brady falls asleep. I then notice what was happening in the darkness before my eyes.
It’s dark in the room, but an even darker obscurity is hovering above me. It looks like a pitch black nebulous, some kind of cloud. It covers the room. I see colored rays, lines, abstract geometry, bulbul’s shapes, tiny star-like dots. I wave my arms in the air, swatting at the things I see, and they seem to react. The rays bend and stretch, the bulbuls shapes pulse, and the dots seem to blink.
I explain what I am seeing to Harrison. I was sleeping near a table with a grilled top with a hexagon pattern in it. I think I see it, so I reach out to touch it. My hand goes through it.
The moonlight is hitting the window blind beside me, and I raise my hand up into it. I stare at my hand, and my fingers grow and start to look like long claws. I curve my hand, as if to make a shadow puppet, and it shapes into the jaws of some strange creature. I then slide my hand into the darkness, away from the moonlight, and then pulled it back in front of the moon. The darkness seems to stick to my hand, like a type of goo or slime, slowly slipping off of my hand and back into the darker area of the room from which it came from. I waved my hand slowly in the moonlight, and trails of darkness whisper off of it slowly from the movements. Every movement I made also left a shadow-like imprint of where my hand originally was, fading slowly.
I look at Harrison; I think his hand is in my face, so I start swiping it away. It’s not there. I look back to where I was originally staring, and I see a huge bulbuls shape. It’s hard to make out; I just see the colorful outline of it. It has two large teeth, or maybe tusks. Saber toothed cat? A walrus? It bobbed up and down near my leg, as if trying to eat me. I do not become scared though, only fascinated more.
I look out the window on the wall behind me and stare at the leafless tree outside. It grows, and the branches seem to branch out further before. They seem to form a circular dome, which reached out to the sky. This part is hard to explain, but it reminded me of some type of medieval castle column.
I look at Brady on the bed. It’s not Brady. A giant bald humanoid creature is staring at me. It has a sunken face, and its eyes gleam at me.
Some kind of pale, skinless looking dog creature seems to crawl toward me. Like the other hallucinations, it’s hard to see the actual shape, just the colored outlines and slight visuals of it, but I visualize it enough for it to frighten me.
I open my phone so the light comes on, and look at Harrison. I explain all of what I’ve seen, and turn the phone’s lift off. The second before it turns off, his eyes turned a ghastly pale white.
A spinning colorful swirl spins around the room, bouncing back and fourth across the walls. Reminds me of a ceiling fan, I laugh. I look at Harrison, and only see the outline of a giant hot dog bun. I roll around on the floor softly, talking about the excess energy from an unexplainable source that I was feeling. I fall asleep.
I drive home in a daze. Very slugging through the day, with small vibrations still in my head. I look in the hallway one time, and it seems to have small bars stretching between the sides of the walls, like jail bars. Last hallucination I see. A few hours later, I am clear headed and any trace of the trip is gone.

Extraterrestrial Entity

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