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Personally, I was not especially interested on UFOs before my abduction experience. I have always considered myself a skeptic. The X-files was my favorite TV-show in the 90's. I was inspired by this, even bought UFO related books for a dozen copies. They told me of a phenomenon difficult to approach. Some of the stories seemed very credible, referring to the fact that the abnormal things had indeed happened.

Reportedly my first abduction occurred 3th of November 2001 in Helsinki cable factory at URSA (astronomic society) seasonal gala. Admittedly, at the incident I did not remember much about. In fact, for years I didn´t remember anything about it. Only in January 2004 I recollected aspects of an encounter with the space aliens. Naturally, I did panic what I did remember, and wanted to find explanations.

I did take a look at the abduction phenomenon from written sources, where it was described, as a rule, to be both special and weird. I read about a case where the target was abducted from the airport in the middle of the masses. In addition, the abduction phenomenon seemed to relate to altered states of consciousness, strange experiences, and parapsychlogical phenomena. In abduction people produced, as a general rule, mental health problems. In most cases, this could be described as PTSD, Post-traumatic stress syndrome.

In February 2004, I experienced a full Abduction, which I could remember pretty much as a whole.

In understanding my abduction invaluable value proved to be on Dr. Karla Turner's writings of the phenomenon. I noticed that my experience was a MILAB, i.e. military abduction. This was relatively usual in the USA. Turner had written a book Taken, in which he interviewed eight women that had gone through MILABs. Dr. Turner had examined also other cases, and in fact several abduction victims were in her family.

Space aliens are generally perceived as positive beings in modern ufology. Many people have embraced New Age-type concepts in relation to UFOs. My experience contradicts with these views. I noticed that many people at Lautsia UFO seminar here in Finland didn’t accept my lecture. For me personally, abduction and contact with the space aliens is nevertheless true, and therefore it is easy for me to talk about it.

Now, in February 2009, I have distanced myself of the events. In fact, I have, in Finland, met many who have had similar experiences. I am sure that the truth about UFOs, and the phenomena behind it is liberating and joyous. On the other hand, there are real evil forces behind the alien agendas, at least for the time being. This evil is something that I have had problems to comprehend. The forces of evil use big power on mankind on a way of mind control on a massive scale.


During four years I have paddled through all theories I could find on UFOs and extraterrestrials. Maybe in recent years all the most remarkable ufoauthorities have concluded that UFOs exist, and they are guided by intelligent entities.

For me, who have met extraterrestrials, this is the plain truth. I have been from the beginning skeptical to notion that humanoids necessarily come from other civilizations. There are rumors and disinformation concerning this. Since I have met grays, who have at least been somewhere in the past humans, I take this as a premise.

To me, the logical problems concerning visitations from other civilizations are insuperable. There is something in this that does not rime. I have found evidence that the “aliens” are not aliens, but a part of humanity; have always been, in a metaphysical way. My thesis is, that “alien” existence is connected to human existence. They are probably so called Archons.

The aliens I did meet introduced themselves to me as ”the people of the illuminati”. Illuminism means guidance from afterlife entities during our earthly journey. “Naturally” guidance is targeted to few chosen ones based on unknown criteria. Illuminated ones tend to form own cliques and classes, the elite.

In my view, experience and studies, I am convinced, that illuminism is behind this psychotic world of ours. Modern scientific view of the world claims, that humanity is an exception among animals. And a part of our animal-like psyche is evil, as a way things are. And there is nothing we can do to change this.

But, this isn´t the truth. It´s a lie. Illuminism uses also science (and religions too) to distort and erase inner self of man, which is the truth. Scientific truths will change to deception, with time. This is what we can learn from the history.

I am not sure, or know for certain of Gnostic views. Are they true? I don´t know. I suspect so. Inner voice and intuition tell me so. I don´t worship Gods. I don´t have Dogmas. I think that religions are tools used by them, who want to rule us. This too, we can learn from the history.

Next I will tell you more about Sethian Gnosticism, and its concepts and views, as John Lamb Lash has told them to me.


The word Archon is Greek, meaning intercessor or creature in Gnostic mythos. The concept describes a particular kind of cosmic beings. Stocks word also means the first, or just in the beginning. To Gnostics the concept of Archons meant temporary interdimentional leadership of humanity as rulers.

Gnosticism assumes that the Archons appeared before the solar system emerged. They were created by a divine being, Sofia. Sofia, the divine wisdom or was part of God, in a loose manner. Mythos tells that Sofia created first Jaldabaoth, which in turn created the other Archons. Jaldabaoth is described as a lion faced ufology serpent. Sofia noted beings created to be evil, and cried bitterly for forgiveness from God.

Gnosticism describes Archons as inorganic beings who inhabit the solar system, but not the earth. They neither sleep nor nourish themselves.

The Nag Hammâdi material deals man-archon contacts as extraterrestrial alien encounters. Of the material, approximately 20% of deals with this issue. Coptic texts describe Archons as external, psychic intruders at the level of awareness.

They do not want, or cannot invade the Earth itself. Archons target is to corrupt human minds on interdimentional ways. The use of power is total, in the level of individual minds, on psychological and collective basis.

Similarities to gray aliens, today's abduction phenomenon and to the ufolore are obvious. Coptic texts explain, in my view, quite exhaustively the metaphysical purpose of the grays. The texts deserve to be taken seriously.

Gnostics reacted to Archons with the greatest seriousness, and warned of these entities. They thought Archons were a risk to humanity, because people are led astray from a correct life. Archons are perverse creatures, and distort us in two ways:

They are wrong information producers to the human collective mind. In addition, they seek to mimic reality by creating simulations or imitations of reality structures. This is known as HAL or impersonation. These activities are related to the use of power.

It is a question of submission to humanity. Also one of the objectives of Archons is to get attached to people as mind parasites. Their existence may get their purpose on this activity. Archons must be covered as demonic or satanic powers from the human point of view.

Ancient Gnostics had behind thousands of years of meditation, and shamanic traditions. Gnostics were parapsychologists, who were able to experience parallel universes, and to explore other worlds, as well as to go back in time at the level of awareness. With these skills, they became aware of Archons, and their negative activities.

The Gnostic Mythos tells, that Archons wanted to arise as human beings, but were not able to. Thus their goal is to invade the human psyche in a collective manner, and live inside the human mind. Archontic life means to humanity to become robotized, mechanical and zombie-like. Pretty much what modern life nowadays is, eh?

The human culture and history in particular, can be perceived as Archontic dreams. Mankind's history can be perceived as a simulation by the external forces. This frees man himself from the responsibility of histories wrongs and crimes. This would have originally come from the Archons, who collectively mind controlled peoples through the history’s events. And forced people to believe, that the evil originated from man.

Society's institutions are Archon-created, and maintained by them. Human beings live in a Matrix movie-like world. Networks and distorted Archontic culture are brought from outside. This is also called civilization. Civilization and education can be seen to be incompatible with the truth, or truthfulness. The same can be said of science, which is an Archontic structure. Science is in reality a reductive, mechanistic way to see the world. Science is used to subject man into mental slavery. History proves this.

However, the real human nature is living in harmony with the nature. This does not involve evil, that we call things. Natural life form is not related to materialistic things, such as money, power, or ufology of interpersonal relations.

In fact, materialism is evil, which has estranged us from our true self. To put it simply, it is narcissism and hedonism. It is self deception. True self has been lost after millennia of Archontic agendas, in many people.

Gnostic texts tell, that the main motive of the Archons is jealousy. Archons namely noticed as soon as people emerged, that our essence is higher than theirs. For them, we live in paradise, and they are forever beyond.

Archon goal with humanity can be seen to change paradise into hell using fear and oppression as tools. This has been going on for thousands of years.

Another motive is that they are absurd and senseless. The human mind probably has difficulties to understand such irrational nonsense. Archon plan is to break and disrupt human life from the cradle to the grave. Fear and confusion nourishes them. Archons are also natural tricksters. They are attracted to play and test our minds. And to put it more bluntly, to hover with it.

Gnostic John Lash speculates that the cosmic significance of the Archons is to ensure deleting that part of human souls, which cannot take care of their own consciousnesses. I personally don´t believe on this. Lash says, that Gnostic writings tell about the soul’s divine spark, NOUS, which God has given to man as a distinct from the Archons. The concept of NOUS is important in trying to understand what we are, and where do we come from. Answer to is that, we come from the heavenly father, or the Creator. Our true essence is a part of him.

Thus a human can be seen as an evidence of the existence of God.

Reading: John L. Lash: Not In His Image

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