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Earth, The Mutating Living Entity

Earth, The Mutating Living Entity

The great astronomer Edmond Halley of comet fame made it very clear
in his treatise on the governing disposition of our home planet
Earth that it was indeed hollow, being made of several concentric
spheres. Following our own remote-viewing and astral traveling into
the interior of the Earth, we have found there is no reason to
differ with this awakened, great mind's knowledge.

For those who are able to see through the layers of the mass of this
world, it is known that the Earth is filled with Immortal beings.
They are all about, made up of various defining groups living in the
subterranean below, seen past the surface veil of this planet by the
observer whose mind's eye has been opened. These areas below are
viewed by the heightened activation of the pituitary, through the
steady gaze into a particular strata beneath the Earth's surface,
whereby the electrical fields' patterns are revealed as one. For
those who wish to enter this process, many fascinating realms are

The body is a river of energy, a river once fully flowing awakens
powerful levels of higher energy previously thought to be beyond
the mortal body mind's grasp. The greater the flow of this river the
more one is able to view, to push past barriers, to experience the
mind and body join in the electrical bath of the Earth's light grid,
the power of the VRIL current.

The entity Earth may be seen as a singular cell modifying itself by
the process of shedding and re-growing its outer layer or wall as it
moves through this electromagnetic energy grid - the universe's
environment. This cosmic cell is likened to a fruit with its light
seeds at the center, continually rebuilding a structure of layers
from its center to its surface. Over vast distances of space and
many eons in passing, this journey allows for a fantastical profound
ecology of substances joining and mutating with various
intelligences to adhere to and enter the Earth, to gather and mingle
as cohorts or enemies, as friends or strangers.

The human species is often thought as having an ancestral history of
enslaving species under its dominion and marketing them to other
species either dwelling inside/outside of the Earth, or off planet.
This breeding and selling of species is still the dominate and
present state of the human specie's role, known or unknown by its
members. Disinformation which falsifies the source of our
civilization and keeps the surface political arena artificially
propped up is the flux of our modern media. This propaganda comes
directly from the manipulative subterranean civilization in the
first subsurface layer, whose influences on our society are so
compounded that it will be very difficult to uproot and remove
entirely this net of disinformation and its impressions – over the
next 200 years.

Shell within a Shell, the Molting Process

The timeline of the Earth molting and shedding its skin is
sequential with its journey through the great expanse of space. The
nucleus of Earth the Living Entity, sends out signals to other
planets and stars as it moves through the heavenly kingdom, the
Universe as we understand it to be.

We see the immortal Earth entity now in this particle of time, as it
prepares to shed another skin, the undying molting process which has
continuously gone on, seemingly without measure. As the Earth moves
on its journey, those who have taken residency, who dwell on and in
Earth, find haven and comfort or face tragedy in upheavals. The goal
of living long periods of time on Earth is either adapt to these
changes or be able to move off planet during those times of great

Even by moving into the Interior areas of the Earth the surface
human is not guaranteed survival. Or, will the ships in space or
nearby planets always offer safe relocation.

For the individual or group of individuals seeking permanent
immortal transformation, there is required another very intensive
mode for long existence. That is obtained by the awakening of the
Immortal Kundalini within, the awakening of the divine flow of
subatomic particles so as to align intelligent control and domain of
one's inner sphere - to become immortal creator and immortal
creation, working knowingly as One.

The river, the current VRIL, is awakened, opening the pure vision,
allowing the human body to enter into the electrical light grid of
Earth, to gaze about, to gather information for its Immortal

The practical knowledge for awakening this transformation is now

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