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Air Force servicemen drugged after UFO sighting says retired Colonel

Air Force servicemen drugged after UFO sighting says retired Colonel
Alejandro Rojas .

Charles Halt

Retired Colonel Charles Halt says that he believes security personnel were secretly drugged and hypnotized after witnessing an extraordinary UFO event. Halt was the base commander of Bentwaters Royal Air Force base, where the UFO incident took place, while it was being leased by the USAF during the cold war. He made these statements on Open Minds Radio, an online radio program featuring news on the UFO phenomena and will be elaborating on his experience at the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona next February.

While serving as Deputy Commander of RAF Bentwaters in 1980, Halt was made aware of a UFO investigation conducted by base security on the evening of December 26. Staff-sergeant James Penniston and two airmen went into nearby Rendlesham forest to investigate strange lights. They reported coming across a luminous triangular object that Penniston was able to approach and touch before it rose into the air and flew off at an incredible speed. Halt was skeptical of the encounter until the evening of December 28 when the strange lights returned. Halt investigated this sighting himself. Taking along a few servicemen, the group observed strange lights in the forest and luminous objects in the sky that moved abruptly and beamed lights onto the ground and into the base weapons storage area. In Leslie Kean’s recent best-selling book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, Halt says that what they found in the forest that night was “something beyond our technology, judging from the speed of the objects, the way they moved and the angles they turned…”

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